The Legion of Community Superpowers

Here is our Legion of Community Superpowers!

With Elliot Blue 

You can look forward to the stories & adventures of our Super-Dragos:

Drago Emp for empathy
Drago Levo for Love
Drago Soryt for Storytelling
Drago Selca for self-care

Our dragos are now also available as bags and cards in our brochure! If you would like to have one or the other, email us at, we will be also happy to send them to you for postage.

Bild Jute Beutel der Super-Dragos
Super-Dragos Bags
Bild der Super Drachen Karten
Super-Dragos Cards

The dragons of the Legion of Community Superpowers are created in cooperation with Elliot Blue.

Elliot Blue is a non-binary filmmaker and lighting designer who works in various theatres in Berlin and as a freelance artist. Elliot also gives film workshops and works on his own projects. For 2020 Elliot’s biggest project was his short film “No Romo” in which he takes a critical look at how we mostly live romantic love.

Funded by the LADS (Landesstelle für Gleichbehandlung – gegen Diskriminierung des Berliner Senats für Justiz, Verbraucherschutz und Antidiskriminierung).