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This section contains two categories:

The archive and the reading corner.

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This area is for browsing within the entire section "the living archive". If you are looking for a specific term, you can either search specifically in the reading corner or specifically in the archive or in both.

Just try out keywords and have fun with what you find.

We are currently working on adding a filter tool to our search function. This means that we would like to suggest categorisations so that you can easily browse and find specific content. 

This is linked to the development of our archive structure and since we want to do justice to all our content and complex intersections, we are currently taking a little more time for this.

  • Where exactly?

Here you can find selected contents that we document and make available from our events at xart splitta, as well as in the scope of our different cooperations. 

We are looking forward to continuously expanding this area and thus increasing the wealth of knowledge that we can share with you. For this, we also rely on collaborations in and with our communities. If you are interested, please contact us at

The archive is symbolised by bubbles. We have chosen soap bubbles because they connect and divide, stand together but also separately, wander, are small and large, are flexible but are nonetheless able to withstand resistance. 

Welcome to the Reading Corner.

This is where you can find all kinds of literature from our BIPoC communities. If legally permitted, you can find the texts as downloads on our homepage.

The reading corner is symbolised by the reading armchair. 

Have fun!