Safer Space

Safer spaces are physical or non-physical spaces. They are created by and for people affected by discrimination and marginalisation and serve as spaces where they can come together, withdraw in a safer setting or simply exist. These spaces attempt to create spaces where the risk of (re)experiencing physical or psychological violence, trauma and discrimination is reduced.

Safer spaces should always be empowering where we can connect and empower each other, create commonalities and strenghten solidarities.

Because of all the various and complex intertwinings of discrimination and each individual’s unique need for safety, there is no such thing as a completely safe space. Due to this, these spaces are referred to as safer rather than safe. However, because it is hard to come to rest and heal when we are always in a constant state of struggle and resistance, it is critical to establish settings in which healing, rest, and consequential empowerment are fundamental components.