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The Living Archive

Welcome to the living archive

This area contains the access to the archive, the search function as well as a direct access to the room "reading corner".

The icons next to the titles help you navigate and indicate which section of the website you are currently in.

The archive is symbolised by bubbles. They are also a navigation and will lead you first to our archive rooms.

You can also discover the archive via the highlights or in chronological order.

Why soap bubbles?

Because they connect and divide, stand together but also separately, wander, are small and large, are flexible but are nonetheless able to withstand resistance.


This is a full text search, but at the same time we are also using keywords, i.e. "stories" or "healing tools“. In addition, you can choose whether you want to search in the entire archive, in a specific room of the archive or on the entire homepage.

Try it out and have fun with what you find.

  • Where exactly?

We are currently in the process of formulating our thoughts on a decolonial practice of (street) maps. We are aware that cartography has a violent history. We would like to share more of our knowledge with you and at the same time show our process of how we perceive a collection of places of activism, archives and memories as resistant.