The Living Archive

Welcome to the living archive

Welcome to the living archive section. 

This area contains the access to the archive, the search function as well as a direct access to the room "reading corner".

The icons next to the titles help you navigate and indicate which section of the website you are currently in.


Here you can browse through the entire living archive. You have the choice of searching by keywords, for example, "stories" or "healing tools". Each archive article is also tagged. The search function is a full-text search, i.e. every word written on this homepage serves as a possible search term. You can choose whether you want to search in the entire archive, in a specific room of the archive or on the entire homepage.

Try it out and have fun with what you find.

  • Where exactly?

This is the archive. The term "archive" and/or the bubbles will take you to our archive rooms. These contain the documented content from our events at xart splitta or from collaborations.

You can explore the archive via the archive rooms, via the overview of our highlights or access the entire chronologically sorted archive via "click here for entire archive".

We are looking forward to continuously expanding this area and thus increasing the wealth of knowledge that we can share with you. For this we also rely on the collaborations in our communities. If you are interested, please contact us at

The archive is symbolised by bubbles. We have chosen soap bubbles because they connect and divide, stand together but also separately, wander, are small and large, are flexible but are nonetheless able to withstand resistance.


Archive Rooms

You are now in the rooms of the archive. These spaces function as a sorting system. Most systems of cataloguing as we know them are not merely normative and reproduce discrimination, but historically archives and their systematisation contain an immense potential for violence.

In the debates about the implementation of an empowering community-based decolonial archive, a possible meaningful sorting was therefore central. After processes and debates, which are recorded in our timeline, we decided to opt for a a more spatial, visually tangible and emotionally stimulating sorting system. These archive spaces take up the contents of the website with origins, definitions and reference points.

Information about how the individual rooms/spaces can be understood, but also their references and stories of origin, can thus be found at the beginning of each room.

The rooms, just like the other sections, have their own symbols. In the room/space "Sankofa", therefore, the soap bubbles for the archive are indicated on the right side and the Sankofa bird on the left side.

P.S.: As a space with a focus on intersectional perspectives, it is central for us that nothing can be compartmentalised into one room, so you will encounter some things more than once – that’s ok.

Welcome to the Reading Corner.

This is where you can find all kinds of literature from our BIPoC communities. If legally permitted, you can find the texts as downloads on our homepage.

The reading corner is symbolised by the reading armchair. 

Have fun!