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The learning diaspora space

Welcome to the learning diaspora space.

This is the interactive part of our archive. Through online workshops or live broadcasts of events, which are carried out collaboratively or as part of the work of xart splitta, the exchange and transfer of knowledge is enabled here. The contents here are mirrored in those of the archive, as both areas are in close exchange with each other. The aim is to allow for collective experiences, to share realities and to learn together.

In our work we will try to make as many of our current events as possible accessible through online formats. Since this depends on many different factors, such as whether the formats allow it and also how many events are currently taking place at xart splitta, it may occur that only a small amount of content can be found here at times.

An overview of all current events can be found here.

As we would like to warmly welcome you to this space, the door symbolises the learning diaspora space. This symbol is always at the top of the page and should help you navigate by indicating which area you are currently in.

News in the Learning Diaspora Space:

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