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The Legion of Community Superpowers

Here is our Legion of Community Superpowers!

With Elliot Blue 

You can look forward to the stories & adventures of our Super-Dragos:

Our dragos are now also available as bags and cards in our brochure! If you would like to have one or the other, email us at contact@thelivingarchives.org, we will be also happy to send them to you for postage.

Bild Jute Beutel der Super-Dragos
Super-Dragos Bags
Bild der Super Drachen Karten
Super-Dragos Cards

The dragons of the Legion of Community Superpowers are created in cooperation with Elliot Blue.

Elliot Blue is a non-binary filmmaker and lighting designer who works in various theatres in Berlin and as a freelance artist. Elliot also gives film workshops and works on his own projects. For 2020 Elliot’s biggest project was his short film “No Romo” in which he takes a critical look at how we mostly live romantic love.

Funded by the LADS (Landesstelle für Gleichbehandlung – gegen Diskriminierung des Berliner Senats für Justiz, Verbraucherschutz und Antidiskriminierung).