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House of Living Colors: Black History and Drag by GodXXX Noirphiles

May we present: GodXXX Noirphiles! With their storytelling series Black History and Drag!!!

Black History and Drag is a series that happens regularly on Instagram and Youtube. It educates audiences on Black figures from around the world who have who have paved the way, opened doors, and have been an example of inspiration for Queer and Trans Black/Indigenous people in history and the present.

Black History and Drag 2021


This time GodXXX Noirphiles discusses Afrofuturism. Though the term Afro futurism was coined in the 90s, it had been practiced by black folks of the African Diaspora for decades before. Afrofuturism is a ideology and methodology for healing through identifying race as a construct and, therefore, a technology.

Funded by LADS through ComE In/Migrationsrat Berlin


Dred Scott single handedly kickstarted the civil war. His audacity led to the freedom of an entire people. I relate this to our contemporary times as a means to bring hope, That the american government needs to be taken to court!I encourage you to research more! This episode is a complete history lesson. It is so needed during these times. Remember that we have the right to LIFE.

The Mother of Modern Medicine: Henrietta Lacks

Henrietta Lacks was a loving and caring human being who lived a life of self sustained hard work. At 31 years old, she was diagnosed with cervical cancer which would eventually take her life. However, this cancer would be the catalyst of change for the progress of medicine as we know it.

Black Mythology

7 headed Serpents, Eagle headed lions, Two faced demons and Vampires! Black Mythological history is filled with fantastic tales!

First Black Drag KING? Stormé DeLarverie

Black Gender Non Conforming History simply isn’t archived in the same way as ‘other’ histories. So when we have larger than life stories of gender non conforming people sparking revolutions, it’s valid. We need our super heroes too! Stormé DeLarverie was an extraordinary hidden figure in black lgbtqia history and became a protector and activist! Seek out more information about Stormé DeLarverie!!

Tracey Africa Norman

Oh Happy Day Y’all! Here GodXXX Noirphiles speaks about Tracey Norman who is perhaps the first (known) black trans model! She is an inspiration and trailblazer. A pioneer for any trans or non binary person who aspires to accessing the modeling industry! Thank you Mother Africa for paving the way! Learn more about her!

Sandra Bland

We not here to talk about her tragic death; we are here to celebrate her life. It’s March, Womxn’s History Month which means we go the extra mile to celebrate womxn. ALL womxn. Sandra Bland took to social media to incite change. Born in Naperview Illinois to a mother of five, she dedicated her life to service. do research more about her life!


Prince was an artist who was unafraid to push normative constructs of gender presentation, sexuality and artistry. Hailing from Minneapolis, he has created his own unique genre of music called Minneapolis sound which solidifies his legacy as one of the greatest musicians to have ever lived. I encourage you to find out more about Prince!

Octavia E Butler

Octavia Butler was a prolific writer and the first African American science fiction writer to win a McArthur Genius Award. Her writing explored themes of white nationalist, far right politics, race, sexism, power, human fallacy, human aggrandisement and egalitarianism. Octavia Butler was a phenomenon who lives on today through the permanence of Afro Futurism.

Anton Wilhelm Amo

Anton Wilhelm Amo was a prolific Ghanaian philosopher of the 18th century. He debated established philosophers such as Renee Descartes! He was well learned in many subjects including Law, Metaphysics, Political Science, and Cryptology and Divination. While always signing his name with the edition, ‘The African from Guinea’ he cemented his influence on philosophy and thought throughout the ages. Thank you Anton Wilhelm Amo for paving the way!

Precolonial Black Queer/Trans History

It’s about evidence of Queer and Trans imprints in pre-colonial black history! There is so much information out there, even more than what is discussed in this video so definitely seek out more.


Marsha P Johnson was a nurturer, a sister and an activist. She created community and provided safety for Queer and Trans youth and wanderers of the 1970s and 80s. Her legacy still remains prevalent today!
For this series, GodXXX Noirphiles created a drag look that is inspired by the history/person they discuss in the episode. Each episode paints a picture of the life and times of black individuals who have trail blazed a path for LGBTQIA folks to thrive in the present and future.

About GodXXX Noirphiles, who, when not in drag, can also be called Adrian Marie Blount:

Adrian Marie Blount was born in San Diego, California at 14:30 making them a Libra with a moon in Sagittarius and a Capricorn rising.
From an early age they knew they wanted to be involved in the performing arts and auditioned for a play at their elementary school. They were cast in the production and during their moment on stage, they decided to make up the lines that they were supposed to recite which  effectively threw the entire production off. 
Bad Bitch!
Yet, from that point on they knew they loved being on stage. In 2008 they began their theatre studies at Mesa College where they learned ‘the formula’ of acting, studied dance,  sound design, costume design and light design.
After receiving their Associates of Arts degree they furthered their education at San Francisco State University. There, they learned more about gender variation and sexuality, and used this knowledge to inform the acting roles they played.  
Since graduation, Adrian has  performed in New York, traveled across the country with a touring theatre troupe, then moved to Rhode Island to perform with various Brown University programs including the Center for Slavery and Justice, Brown/ Trinity and Trinity Repertory theatre.

When they moved to Berlin in 2016 their focus from performance shifted into facilitation and organization.

Adrian has taught anti-racist and collective healing workshops with various organizations and insitutions such as Dice Festival and Conference, AfriVenir, and Ballhaus Naunystrasse. 

They have  DJ’d internationally in places like Norway and London. Additionally, they have  performed in theaters such as München Kammerspiele, Volksbühne, Gorki, Sophiensaele, Ballhaus Naunynstrasse, English Theatre Berlin  and many more!
Lastly, they are the founder and lead organizer of the drag  and performance art collective House of Living Colors which provides a platform for exclusively queer and trans BPOC.