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In our online presence we would also like to continue to enable Safer Spaces. For this reason, parts of our content are only accessible through a login.

Why do we need Safer Spaces?

Safer Spaces are, physical or not, spaces that make an effort to be safer. They are created by and for people affected by discrimination(s) and marginalisation and serve as places where these people can be, come together or simply withdraw in a safer setting. The aim is to attempt to create spaces where the risk of experiencing physical or psychological violence, (re)traumatisation and discrimination(s) is reduced.

Safer spaces should also always be empowering spaces where we can connect with others, create commonalities and solidarities as well as collectively empower ourselves and each other.

Due to all the many, complex entanglements of different categories of discrimination, there is no perfect safe space. However, as it is impossible to come to rest and heal when we are in a daily state of struggle and resistance against discrimination and marginalisation, it is important to create spaces where healing, rest, as well as empowerment, are central.

The knowledge of our communities and our histories and the passing on of this is a decolonial and empowering act. At the same time, we are constantly confronted with the fact that this knowledge is taken from us, absorbed, appropriated and used against us. Thus, knowledge becomes a central aspect in the re_production of systems of inequality, power hierarchies, marginalisation and exclusion. Resistant knowledge in particular must therefore be protected and treated with care and consideration.

For this reason, there are certain areas on The Living Archives that are only accessible after prior registration.

You can find further information on registration below.


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Support for registration

There are a variety of terms and concepts with which we self-identify and position ourselves. These terms are wonderful and allow a sense for belonging, but at the same time they can be very confusing. Some of these rarely appear in dominant discourses, are less well known or cause uncertainty even within our communities. To help you, you are welcome to look at our glossary, where you will find more detailed explanations of individual self-identities and terms.